"I believe in the aesthetics of viscera. Our liver is pretty, we all have a pancreas. Now, I am working on that : still life(death) and rotting. We have been taught to reject everything that is does not go along with the norms. I believe that the images are not the problem, but the society of wretched people that they generate. This is one of the problems that I worry about. If the images I create, make people question themselves about this problem, that is important. It does not matter if people does not buy the art works, or if they think the art works are ugly. At least, if they can for once imagine that there are other things, different from those they are used to seeing, and if maybe they can accept and respect the rights of those "different" things to exist. Because "diferences" have been the cause of wars, of murder, of genocides. This can not be possible. I refuse to be part of these aesthetics that makes me unhappy. We have to create our own aesthetics norms. ."