nelson sacandose los mocos/nelson getting bugers
The images have resulted from LIFE itself.  I don't consider art as an end in itself, it is a medium for expression.  Defining art in parcels it is a perverse and limiting attitude.  The oficialness of it all makes me nausea and those that aspire to the toletes of the art market give me colic’s.  In a country of farsantes anything is possible, and especially for those that believe the story of the etiquette, of the prizes, of the applause, of the critic, of the vanguard tendency, etc. There must be an ethical revision of the morale of the individual, when faced with a society lacking in values and leadership.  I make a call to the rebellion from the interior of the concepts, everything is valid, if we are capable of taking on ourselves.  Daring to LIVE, without complacency’s, without searching for approvals, investigating ourselves in order to be transformed into irreverent snipers.  It’s not about trying to speak of photography, sculpture or painting, we should take on The IMAGE in its entirety.  The meager vision of the merchants of the art hurt with their small bourgeois morale, aspiring be the first of the class, in an conservative and scholarly attitude, is hurt by the unavoidable change where there are not predictable rules, but totally unpredictable rules of the imagination.  An exposition is not an end result but a transition, I don't believe in the completed work, in the illuminated, or in the exquisite.  Only a transition like impeccable warriors could transform the order of  things, a new renovating morale that doesn't have a price, that is not for sale to the better bidder.  A new aesthetic that only can be achieved with an order of new ideas, outside of a frustrating and [mediatizador] market. One of the essential reasons of  photography is the capacity to be reproduced breaking the fence of the ONE and only work, but of the one which treats each other is of [doblegar] the essential in order to compete and enter in a market by losing that capacity to reproduce or on the contrary secure and democratizes the image in order to break relations with the "ONE and ONLY WORK”(of art). Enough of twisted fetishisms in order to search for their position in the line of the applicants to be admitted into the court of the prostitutable courtesans, in order to aspire to be the possible [barraganas] of museums and galleries. 
                             "AN EXPOSITION IS A MEDIUM, NOT AN END IN ITSELF.".